As a member of the Virtium Eduplex you should be aware of our User/ Account Holder Code of Conduct

Virtium* provide students and teachers with a unique virtual learning portal experience - any where, any time in real time.

Students working in the eduPLEX are privileged.  Along with privilege and opportunity there comes a responsibility to the following Code:

  • Chat is for the purpose of collaborating with peers and adults.  When using the chat tool we agree to follow polite conventions regarding greetings and farewells, and we will not be side tracked or deviated from our task.  Once we have questioned, or clarified our concern we will return our focus to the learning inquiry.
  • Literacy is a cornerstone of learning and communication.  We will use the communication tools in Virtium i.e. messaging, discussion, chat, blogs etc., with this in mind.  We will be mindful of spelling and vocabulary and ensure that this is always appropriate for classroom and learning use.
  • The establishment of eFolios in Virtium is central to learning in the virtual world.  An invitation to the classroom teacher or other suitable adult to participate in eFolios we create will guarantee that we receive the benefit of  feedback, and advice on the progress of our learning make sure that we do derive maximum benefit from the program.
  • We recognise the need for all people to be treated respectfully at all times.   We actively discourage the use of any tool in the eduPLEX for the purposes of exclusion, or being discriminatory in any way.  We do not want people to be made to feel uncomfortable or threatened by racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, or violent images, music or statements.
  • Virtium is a safe place in which to work, learn and develop positive relationships with others.  We will uphold the mantra of “treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves” at all times.  This will ensure that no person is ever subject to harassment, or any other form of treatment that causes discomfort, annoyance or upset.
  • Safety and security in Virtium are paramount.  No person can be a user of the eduPLEX unless their account has been authorised by an organisation’s eLeader.  Users are identified at all times.  To ensure that there are no breaches of security we will never divulge our log ins or passwords to anyone.
  • We are all responsible individuals and responsible users of ICT and as such we will ensure that there is no sabotage of other users content.  There will not be interference with any system put in place for effective use of ICT and virtual learning within the eduPLEX.  We have full responsibility for our own actions at all times.

Consequences for code detractors

Any detraction (breaking of the code) will result in

  1.  First Detraction.

 Warning and code restatement with duplicate cop[y being forward to the organisation’s eLeader


  1.  Second detraction

       The Organisation (eLeader or Principal) is the final arbitrator.  If the eLeader  after consulting decides that the code breaking is extreme enough the detractors account will be deleted.   Essentially two strikes and you could well be out!

      Once a deemed, the schools requests the account be deleted. The account can only be re instated upon instruction from eLeader of the organisation.

Protocol for inter organisation code breaches

      In a case where a Virtium eduPLEX user considers a message or action by another Virtium eduPLEX user from another school to be inappropriate or to be against the spirit of the Code of Conduct, that user should report the breach to their effective eLeader  at the time of receiving the message.

      The eLeader in charge or that organisation should copy and retain the message transcript with the sender signature and time stamp.

      Then they should notify Virtium admin, where by the account of the alleged offending user will be suspended, and a copy of the alleged breach forwarded to the eLeader at the other organisation.

     eLeaders should communicate to resolve the outcome. From a Virtium perspective two possible outcomes are envisaged. The alleged offending user can have the account:

  • Deleted
  • Re instated


Virtium eduPLex is a cloud hosted immersive elearning platform that incorporates ICT courses, social media, social networking,e portfolios, games, competitions, software video tutorials and teacher development in a cyber safe environment

*Refers to Virtium eduPLEX (eDomes, eFolio, U Share)